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Anamorphemes was created in 2007 by Geneviève PRANAL.

After more than 5 years spent teaching English in France and French in the USA in a number of different high schools and universities, Geneviève PRANAL worked for 15 years in a variety of roles in an international pharmaceutical company which was regularly in contact with various hospital and university health professionals.

Having acquired significant medical and linguistic competence she decided to deepen her knowledge and increase her expertise, and successively obtained a “DUTRAS 2” (Post-graduate Diploma in Applied Translation) and a “Master 2 CISS” (Master’s Degree in International Communication in Health Sciences) at the University Lyon 2.

A member of the SFT (French Translators’ Society), her specialities include the translation and review of translations of:

  • - legal documentation for drugs,
  • - scientific and medical publications (abstracts, articles, posters…),
  • - scientific and medical marketing documents,
  • - correspondence and reports,
  • - training leaflets and documents,
  • - symposium reports,
  • - medical questionnaires,
  • - patient information and informed consent forms,
  • - study protocols,
  • - medical summaries and bibliographic research…

She has just completed the translation of an American work on psychiatry : “The Practical Art of Suicide Assessment” (“Evaluation du potential suicidaire”) written by Shawn Christopher SHEA, published in French by ELSEVIER- MASSON, and coordinated by Monique SÉGUIN (Ph.D., Québec, Canada) and Jean-Louis TERRA (P.U., Lyon, France): “Our thanks go to Geneviève PRANAL who understood, and chose appropriate and mild language which ensured that the text remained faithful to the intentions of the author…”
(Excerpt from the preface to the French edition)

Anamorphèmes - tél & fax: 04 78 37 59 03 - 10, rue du Boeuf - 69005 Lyon - contact: g.pranal@anamorphemes.com